Low Fat Vs. Fat and Sugar Vs Fructose

Hey guys! We’ve been thinking that low fat milk and low fat sour cream are better for you. It’s wrong. Usually what happens is we drink this low fat milk and there’s more carbs or more sugar than the whole fat. Whole fat milk takes longer to digest which means your body is burning calories just to digest it. Also it’s been proven to have more vitamins and nutrients. Let’s not remove the fat and vitamins from our milk only to add sugar. It’s not working.

We have also traded our natural butter in for margarine. Is this better or worse? It’s worse. Margarine is hydrogenated, which means it causes fatty acids in the body. This in turn causes inflammation and hardening of arteries and is also know for causing heart attacks. No it’s not better than using the natural butter.

Most of our low fat ideas are not good.  We can eat healthy fattening foods and get nutrients and vitamins. It’s natural animal fat so you can eat it but if it comes from vegetable oils and is man made, you shouldn’t eat it. It’s simple. Nuts and fish have healthy fats that our bodies need like omega 3. You also need fat in your system to absorb vitamins A,D,E, and K.

What about sugar? How much sugar should we be consuming. Sugar is a tough one.  It’s in a lot of the foods we eat, and in most processed foods. Men shouldn’t eat any more than 9 teaspoons(37.5 grams) and women shouldn’t eat any more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams). Sugar can be high fructose corn syrup, molasses, honey, granulated sugar or powdered sugar. It’s all the same. Fruit is a different story. Fruit sugar called fructose is okay to eat. And the same with cow milk’s sugar called lactose. These are different because they come from the milk or fruit and so you’re also getting the vitamins ,nutrients and  fiber from the milk or fruit. It makes a difference. Just like the fats in butter or the fats in nuts. Fruit and milk are also good for you. They have nutrients. Sugar has nothing good for you. No fiber, no vitamins or nutrients. They are simply empty calories and we need to avoid them. If you’re not careful with your sugar you could end up with diabetes.

Take care of yourself and I’ll be back real soon!

Bike Rides Into The Sunset!

We went on vacation to South Carolina, Hilton Head Island to be exact. What a beautiful vacation spot. We went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and jumped the waves and swam. We must have burned a lot of calories, because the kids ate their dinner well and I was starving! What a beautiful day on the beach though. Something about the salty air and being outside in the hot summer sun, just makes you come alive. I feel like exercising, without realizing what I’m doing. I’m happy and everyone else around me is smiling. I know, I know I’m on vacation of course I’m going to be happy. And yes that’s a big reason why I am so happy, but I also know that the sun gives us energy. Our body needs nutrients the same way our body needs the sun. It helps lower your cholesterol. blood pressure, blood sugar, regulate your weight, helps your immune system,  and protects you from cancers. So,  I’m from Maine and we don’t get that much sun here. I do my best to stay healthy, and exercise and I try to eat healthy most of the time.  But Maine’s weather is  sunny/ rainy in the summer months, sunny/ cloudy in the fall and much cooler so pants and some long sleeves may be in order, in the winter the temperature plummets to 30 to 30 below at times. So now you wear a winter jacket and boots to stay warm from the snow, and there’s no sun. It’s almost always cloudy in the winter months. Then spring comes along and it’s either sunny or raining, but again it’s chilly so we will wear our pants and long sleeves. We will wear our shorts and tank tops for about 3-4 months and again it may be raining.  Vacationing somewhere warm and sunny just makes me happy. And like I said we did a lot of swimming but we also did a lot of biking around the island. We took beautiful rides just pedaling along, going really no where, just sightseeing. And so with all of this sun and exercise, I felt better than I ever have. It’s definitely somewhere you all should check into visiting. Not to mention the endless supply of fresh fruit. Something else we don’t get much of in Maine. We had some delicious fresh watermelon and peaches. So I do want to remind all of you, we need the sun, it makes us happy and feel like living. We need to feed our bodies with good healthy fuel, and you remember, exercise doesn’t have to be dreaded. Enjoy it, and swim in the salty ocean or go for a bike ride with your children. Make some memories and have fun with it. This is your body, you get one chance, take it and make the best out of it. Have fun guys! Don’t forget to drink lots of water! ;-)


OK guy, lets talk about all of these miracle “dietary supplements!” So if you go on line and look up dietary supplements, your computer will almost want to explode with all of latest and greatest weight loss answers!

Most all of these have not been evaluated by the FDA. That doesn’t mean that every one of them is useless, it just means that the government agency that oversees everything we ingest hasn’t done tests on this product.

So let’s look at some of the most popular ones right now. Garcinia Cambogia has become very popular in the past few years. It states that it is all natural and helps support appetite control. Again their statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. I have talked to many clients who say this product works very well, others say not so much.

Next let’s look at Chaga! Chaga is a mushroom that grows on trees in the Northern hemisphere. Again the FDA has not done evaluations of these products. The chaga tea is one of the most popular ones right now and has been reported to me be my clients that it is great. It seems to have great benefits for digestion (one of my clients has cystic fibrosis and swears by this product). You can also have extracts and tinctures, seems very versatile in it’s possible uses. Again this is all things that have not been evaluated but have been expressed to me through clients.

Next let’s talk about Green Coffee bean extract. Green coffee is another one that people say this one helps them lose weight and it also gives them energy. Some like it and some don’t. Its about 50/50. Some say it gives them an upset belly but I think it’s actually cleansing the colon. It is also know to lower blood pressure, for someone who’s is mild high blood pressure and take 185 mg a day for 28 days,  so that’s a great thing.  I haven’t seen anyone using it for that purpose, but that is an interesting study. Most people seem to to take one of the Garcinia Cambogia  capsules in the morning and then take one capsule of Green Coffee in the afternoon and I heard together they are great for losing weight. This is what my clients are telling me.

My clients have also mentioned White Tea.  This tea has many benefits.  They say it helps with blood pressure, its great for skin, its great for cholesterol, antibacterial, and it’s been known to fight cancer causing cells. I do have a friend who is trying to lose weight, dieting (no junk food), and walking a couple miles a day. She drinks the white tea three times a day and believes its helping her lose weight.