Serving Sizes!!

How many of you actually pay attention to serving sizes?? Me neither! Just kidding! No seriously.  Serving sizes are so important. And most of us dont pay any attention. We eat until we’re full. It’s wrong. We need to re focus. Okay, I know sometimes depending on my activity level I am starving and serving sizes well, I hate them! Haha! I want to say when I do certain workouts I build muscle and I can actually say there’s a reason why I’m so hungry! I need protein! Lean chicken or turkey would be amazing.  I’m not happy until I get about 20 grams of protein. If I ate 3 eggs then that would probably “fill” me. I don’t want all of the extra calories though. So lean chicken might be best. I also found “whey protein”. I just ordered it. It’s at the Vitamin Shoppe, and its unflavored so it wont have any fake sugars. I’m so sensitive that I have tried many types of protein shakes and my belly hurts so badly. I feel like I’m poisoning my system. Like I’m doing harm to my body when I drink it. It’s probably so. So I decided to find a whey protein that’s just whey protein. And that will be good because I spend all this time preparing clean meals and then drink that yucky stuff. So, now it’s going to be clean, clean, clean. I will let you all know how it is when I get it. I’m excited though. It should definitely help with this hunger I feel when I work out and lift heavy.  See you all soon!