Bike Rides Into The Sunset!

We went on vacation to South Carolina, Hilton Head Island to be exact. What a beautiful vacation spot. We went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and jumped the waves and swam. We must have burned a lot of calories, because the kids ate their dinner well and I was starving! What a beautiful day on the beach though. Something about the salty air and being outside in the hot summer sun, just makes you come alive. I feel like exercising, without realizing what I’m doing. I’m happy and everyone else around me is smiling. I know, I know I’m on vacation of course I’m going to be happy. And yes that’s a big reason why I am so happy, but I also know that the sun gives us energy. Our body needs nutrients the same way our body needs the sun. It helps lower your cholesterol. blood pressure, blood sugar, regulate your weight, helps your immune system,  and protects you from cancers. So,  I’m from Maine and we don’t get that much sun here. I do my best to stay healthy, and exercise and I try to eat healthy most of the time.  But Maine’s weather is  sunny/ rainy in the summer months, sunny/ cloudy in the fall and much cooler so pants and some long sleeves may be in order, in the winter the temperature plummets to 30 to 30 below at times. So now you wear a winter jacket and boots to stay warm from the snow, and there’s no sun. It’s almost always cloudy in the winter months. Then spring comes along and it’s either sunny or raining, but again it’s chilly so we will wear our pants and long sleeves. We will wear our shorts and tank tops for about 3-4 months and again it may be raining.  Vacationing somewhere warm and sunny just makes me happy. And like I said we did a lot of swimming but we also did a lot of biking around the island. We took beautiful rides just pedaling along, going really no where, just sightseeing. And so with all of this sun and exercise, I felt better than I ever have. It’s definitely somewhere you all should check into visiting. Not to mention the endless supply of fresh fruit. Something else we don’t get much of in Maine. We had some delicious fresh watermelon and peaches. So I do want to remind all of you, we need the sun, it makes us happy and feel like living. We need to feed our bodies with good healthy fuel, and you remember, exercise doesn’t have to be dreaded. Enjoy it, and swim in the salty ocean or go for a bike ride with your children. Make some memories and have fun with it. This is your body, you get one chance, take it and make the best out of it. Have fun guys! Don’t forget to drink lots of water! ;-)